We offer specialized services that include: –

  • Design, installation and maintenance of Storage Solutions and business continuity plans based on Dell/EMC and Vmware
  • Design, installation and maintenance of LAN and WAN infrastructure
  • Design, installation and maintenance of Structured cabling systems
  • Design, installation and maintenance of data centre infrastructure; structured cabling systems, electrical cabling, air conditioning, Equipment Racks, UPSs, and Backup Generators
  • Design, installation and maintenance of IP communication systems which include voice, video calls, video conferencing and collaboration. Implementation with Cisco, Huawei, Avaya, Karel and also open source solutions based on the popular Asterisk open source IP PBX
  • Supply, installation of PCs, Servers, storage systems and other IT hardware.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of IP CCTV surveillance
  • Design, installation and maintenance of Biometrics security access control systems, turnstiles, walk-through metal detectors, automated gates and barriers, under vehicle surveillance systems, explosives detectors, baggage scanners and hotel door lock management systems
  • Design and installation of solutions for managing meeting rooms, optimizing conference room use, and displaying relevant information where it is needed the most.
  • Design and installation of Cyber Security Solutions based on top class products from Sophos, Cisco, Rad, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Cybernetyc
  • Design, installation and maintenance of 3 phase and single phase power backup and clean power solutions
  • On/off site after sales Warranty Support Services including hardware replacement services backed up by equipment manufacturer and also system software updates and patching.
  • Provision of Consultancy services in ICT, Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications Systems Engineering
  • Analysis, design development, implementation, maintenance and support of ERPs and customized management information systems based on both open source and proprietary tools
  • End User Training on all products that we supply and install
  • Provision of service maintenance contracts for clients who wish to have us on call to repair faulty computer hardware and maintain their systems in good working condition.

We offer the following two types of service maintenance contracts:
Comprehensive Contract: This fully covers the cost of replacement of all parts and labour during preventive maintenance and also other repairs in case of breakdowns.

Labour Only Contract: This covers only the cost of labour and only during preventive maintenance. The costs of repairs during other breakdowns are billed separately.

The costing will depend on the number of equipment, the location of the site and the type of contract desired. Preventive maintenance is carried out at regular intervals from three to four times a year or when requested by client